Singapore football's Goal 2034 | Sport On! Singapore Sports Highlights with John Yeong and Duncan Elias [season 1 ep 11]

Sep 11, 2019 4:35:00 PM / by John Yeong

Join hosts Duncan Elias and John Yeong, as well as special guest former Singapore International Isa Halim this Wednesday in our topic of debate for the month of September: Singapore football's Goal 2034.

Is it a realistic target or just another pipe dream? This segment is part of our monthly sports highlights show Sport On! Singapore with John Yeong and Duncan Elias.

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John Yeong

Hosted by John Yeong

John Yeong is the Senior Producer and a sports presenter of SG Sports TV, with over 13 years of experience in online media production work and content strategy, championing change via digital storytelling and social media leadership. A former sports editor of website, he is the founder of the Sport Singapore’s brand ambassadors network, a first-in-public service initiative bringing online personalities and social media influencers from Singapore's sports and fitness eco-system together to inspire a more socially resilient Singapore, as part of Sport Singapore's brand storytelling efforts.