Ep 14: Part 3/3: SG FLOORBALL on Budgets, Local League, Playing Venues & the Future

Feb 27, 2020 4:15:00 PM / by Raj Kumar

Singapore’s latest Sports Talkshow, turns the spotlight on FLOORBALL!

In less than 25 years since Floorball's debut in the Republic, our national athletes are ranked in the top 2 spots in the region. And Team Singapore are also in the top 20 in the world!

What's led to the rapid rise of Floorball in the Lion City? How has this young National Sports Association (Singapore Floorball Association or SFA), managed to attract more than 15,000 registered players across various levels of competition and leisure purposes? And is SG Floorball heading for even greater heights in this new decade?

Well to hear more of their accolades, strengths, challenges, hopes and aspirations, catch them on Episode 14 of SG Sports Uncut!

Appearing on the show are:
Kenneth Ho (President, Singapore Floorball Association)
Lim Jin Quan (Coach, SG Men's Team)
Syazni Ramlee (Captain, SG Men's Team)

In PART 3 (of 3), watch the SFA discuss the Future of Floorball in Singapore, the National Domestic Leagues, the need for more playing venues (due to the rapid growth of the sport) and working with the Corporate sector as well.


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Raj Kumar

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