Ep 18: SG VOLLEYBALL target SEA Games Medals & Asian Games spot from 2021 onwards

Mar 26, 2020 12:03:03 PM / by Raj Kumar

Singapore’s latest Sports Talkshow, turns the focus on VOLLEYBALL!

In more than 40+ years since Volleyball was introduced at the SEA Games, our Singapore national teams have yet to win the Gold medal. In fact, the last time the Men's team finished on the podium standings was a Bronze medal at the 1993 SEA Games.

As for the Women's team, Singapore won the Bronze in 2015. And 2019 also marked the return of Beach Volleyball, since the 1997 SEA Games. But the Republic's squads who were making their respective debuts, just couldn't keep up with their regional opponents.

Thus, how long will our Team Singapore athletes require to become a force to be reckoned with in the region? Do we have ample resources in hand to aid in the transformation of the various national team age-groups? Is the pipeline for young talented players, still a strong source to bank on? What is the main goal of the Volleyball Association of Singapore over the next 3-5 years?

Well to hear more of their hopes, goals, struggles and vision, catch them on Episode 18 of SG Sports Uncut!

Appearing on the show from the Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) :

Chia Min Chong (Vice President for High Performance)
Chee Kok Leong (Treasurer and ex-TeamSG Volleyballer)
Lee Pei Ying (Captain, Women's National Indoor Volleyball Team)
Travis Ang (Co-Captain, Men's National Indoor Volleyball Team)
Eliza Chong (TeamSG Women's Beach Volleyballer)
Kingsley Tay (TeamSG Men's Beach Volleyballer)


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